We specialise in executive search campaigns in Construction and Life Sciences, specifically in the North American, Australian and Middle Eastern markets. Our talent management approach, as well as working with our clients as trusted partners, ensures that we find a perfect fit every time.

Talent management

The best organisations worldwide, who are recognised as leading the way in growth, profitability, innovation and employee satisfaction, are also known for implementing effective talent management programmes. At Harris + Co, we work with our clients to perfect these strategies in order to source the best candidates across both local and international candidate pools.

Our specialist consultants have an expert level of knowledge within their sector, as well as a plethora of data which clearly defines what is needed to succeed for every role we fill. In utilising this data, we are able to clearly understand exactly the type of candidate our client is looking for.

Long-term partnerships

By working with our clients as long-term partners, we are able to build robust relationships and conduct search campaigns that result in a perfect match every time. As a client, you gain access to our full suite of resources which includes our leadership team, specialist consultants and database of candidates who work exclusively with us.

As part of this, we will seek to understand your strategic goals, values and culture. We design candidate profiles and utilise these within the talent management process, in order to source a person of the correct calibre and fit, to the appointment.